Now Indians should sue Devayani Khobragade for passport fraud

Indian diplomat Devayani Khobragade embarrassed the whole nation by engaging in outright visa fraud related to abusing a maid but when the thugs who run the Indian bureaucracy and politicians who rely on them to collect bribes came to her rescue, she was able to leave the United States without facing the court (it is important to note that she nor the GOI never denied that she broke the law or that she did not lie, she merely claimed that she was immune from prosecution because she was a diplomat, a point accepted by US courts).  A few poorly informed and ignorant Indians defended her because despite her being a lawbreaker they thought that corrupt bureaucrats should be protected because that is how Indians like it.  Thankfully, the NRI community did not defend Khobragade because they saw her in what made them leave India in the first place: a culture in which bribes and corruption are acceptable, even admired.

Now there are other corruption charges against her and father Uttam (who might very well win an election because he knows how to make the system work to his advantage), but looks like this woman is addicted to breaking laws.  And this time, Indian laws.  Now knowing how Indian government officials routinely flout laws that they are expected to defend, I am afraid that she will get away with it, but the same laws cover the rest of us and we can get into a lot of trouble if we do not follow them.

Devayani Khobragade breaks Indian laws on citizenship:  While there have been some reports in the Indian media that her two daughters were born in the United States, she told the Indian Express that they were born in India.  That would naturally entitle them to Indian citizenship.  However, because their father Dr Aakash Singh Rathore is a US citizen, the kids are eligible for American citizenship (even if they were born overseas -- they are not required to apply for naturalization but are simply issued US passports when requested by the parent).  It seems that not only did Devyani Khobragade apply for diplomatic passports for the daughters (aren't Indians concerned that their checks for issuing diplomatic passports are so weak?), she abused them (meaning that if her daughters traveled to India on Indian passports but then presented American passports to leave India, which they would have had to do in order to check in at the airline, they should have been caught - that is the whole purpose of the exit immigrant that India has at airports).  Or could it be that while ordinary Indians and foreigners are routinely harassed by Indian agents at the airport, anyone with a diplomat passports is whisked away, maybe the babu even calls them Sir or Madam.  Contrary to statements made by Uttam Khobragade that the American passports were obtained in order for them to leave India, the fact is that the US has no exit passport control (in other words, unlike India, when you depart the United States, you do not go through Immigration).  So as long as you have a visa to India or if you are a citizen of India, the airline will let you board the flight.

What is important to understand is that unlike many other countries, India does not allow dual citizenship and it is illegal to hold on to an Indian passport after acquiring citizenship of another country.  It is also illegal to apply for an Indian citizenship if you already a citizen of another country.  It simply means that like she did on her visa application to the US State Department for her maid, Devayani Khobragade lied under oath to Indian authorities while requesting Indian passports for her daughters.  Or could it be that because she was in charge of issuing visas and passports, she simply fabricated all sorts of documents so that her daughters could claim all the privileges of Indian citizens (like inheriting the many assets that she owns in India) while also being able to live in the US and be able to travel visa free all over the world.  Alas, only if all ex-Indians were allowed to do that.  In fact, officials like Khobragade are responsible for enforcing this law when ex Indians need visas to travel to their homeland.  I have gone through a whole dog and pony show to renounce my Indian citizenship in order to get a visa for India and when I renew my visa, I will need to submit my cancelled Indian passport as evidence that I renounced my Indian citizenship as soon as I became a US citizen.  Indians who did not do so immediately or renewed the Indian passport after becoming US citizens typically pay hefty fines and processing fees before they are issued visas.